1. Come as you are

Once long ago, and almost forgotten
a melody rang through the air
a sound which had never resounded before
its beauty you could not compare

it came from the hearts of those who surrendered
like soil that yields to the seed
the gardener planted, they started to grow
with one voice they called earnestly
to any whose heart would receive, saying

come as you are
leave your goals behind
come, sing with me a new song
you'll find

as time drifted by,
their hearts became hardened
and nothing could grow but the weeds
the melody faded, they drifted apart
their eyes only looked inwardly

they tried imitating the same ancient sound
but never could bring it about
their glory departed, their unity lost
the melody could not be found,
the harmony could not be found

the mind of the wise cannot ever replace it
the sound is an echo of what's in the heart
the mystery hidden could never be given
to people who live to pretend,
seeking the glory of men

the gardener was waiting, he had preserved a seed
he only waited for a yielding heart
and when the soil was ready,
he placed it carefully
something now is growing steadily

if you watch intently
you might see it growing
it's not so impressive to the natural eye
now listen closely, can you hear it sounding?
a new song you cannot deny
like the start of a triumphant cry, saying

chorus (2x)