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Bellows Falls, Vermont – July 27, 2006

A small replay of the festival on the Brattleboro Commons took place today at the Waypoint Visitor's Center in Bellows Falls, Vermont. The children’s art table was again well-“manned” by Ish [Hebrew word for man] and M’Susah’s family, and there were more delicious drinks, snacks, desserts, and, yes, spelt crust pizza. Accompanying them were our faithful musicians and dancers, who were happily joined a number of times today by Malachi, usually one of our singers and photographers. He is a very lively dancer who brought smiles and laughter to our faces, renewing our zeal for the dance.

The Waypoint Visitor's Center is “home” to a popular Farmers’ Market each Friday, and many of those who stopped by already knew the brothers and sisters from the Basin Farm because of that. The summer heat was not as intense as California’s or the South’s, but definitely “cooking” for New England, and in the midst of it we still enjoyed our time at the Visitor's Center and spoke with friends both young and old from the area, some new and many acquainted with us already, some for years.

In Bellows Falls the Caravan drew some of our friends that had not seen a greater witness for some time—organic farmers, Rastafarians and, of course, those who have lived in local failed communes of the ’60s and ’70s.

One such man from Jamaica listened attentively as we spoke of the true witness of the three races living together in unity.

A small local radio station owner whose daughters had met the tour in Boulder, Co., wants to interview our brothers from the Basin Farm.

Ruth and Asuryah in California, your friends send you greetings! Miriam has the details, but you made an impression on people’s lives and they remember you fondly!

Tomorrow it is on to the Thirteenth Annual Rutland, Vermont Ethnic Festival. See you there.

More coming soon!!!

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