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Bethel, NY – Sunday, August 13, 2006

Bethel Scene

Sunday found us in Bethel, NY, the home of the original Woodstock event back in 1969. This area has undergone many changes over the decades and is left a hodgepodge between summer communities of Chasidic Jews, straggling anarchists, and re-assimilated hippies. We rolled onto the scene looking for some who still long for the true love and peace never realized in the fading search of old.

Our beloved friends...

Spectators of all ages

Father and son

New friends in Bethel

We made friends with some young Jewish men, one of whom sang on our mike to an Israeli folk tune that we dance to. Old friends of ours came by to greet us and reconnect, and we met many new ones.

Lively musicians in Bethel

Music in Bethel

Another father and son

More coming soon!!!

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