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Sunday, July 23rd
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Camden, ME – July 20th


We bid a somewhat sad farewell to the beautiful RV park and campground we stayed at not far from Camden. For the city dwellers the night sky was the most spectacular we had seen in years, if not decades (for me, anyway), with the brilliant stars overshadowed by the sheer numbers and magnitude of the Milky Way arching across the sky above them.
We set up in a pretty park in town behind Peacemaker II, while Peacemaker I was in the waterfront parking lot, and the Garden bus was in front of the commons. We talked with people, danced, and made friends. We also took care of some “bushold” business.

Peacemaker II, the biggest bus, was an unusual laundry vehicle navigating city streets, brushing tree branches along the way. Finally, we stopped at the Laundromat, and the process of loading everyone’s laundry onboard began. Several people boarded our bus, some to take pictures—a common occurrence—and some to talk. One young man, an industrious father of four, appreciated what we are doing. Somewhere in the midst of his own spiritual journey, he stayed and talked with us about the Bible and his life and ours. He really appreciated what we were doing and told us so over and over again. We told him we came to Camden for people like him, and he hopes to visit the Community in Boston sometime.

While we were talking in the parking lot, Hosah and his wife were finishing up our laundry, and she was talking to an alternative-looking young woman about our life. When she asked why ever she was doing so much laundry, Amitit told her that she was traveling on a bus and doing laundry for lots of people. Right as she said this, Peacemaker II drove by, and the woman’s eyes lit and she exclaimed, “Wow!” They continued to talk as our life had just become a little bit more real, and just then I walked over with the young father, and Hosah had a good talk with him, too.


Afterwards, we drove on to Belfast, Maine, and parked down near the docks as the park was very quiet with no one in sight. While we were eating our late lunch, we began to talk with people, including a kind official. He had homeschooled his children because he saw government schooling as indoctrination, even religious training in secular humanism. He’s alarmed by what he sees happening in his country, and we spoke of the need for something different, an alternative or spiritual nation that would bear a new kind of fruit.

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