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Canandaigua/Dundee, NY – Monday, August 21, 2006

We started our day down on beautiful, green Lake Canandaigua, playing music and dancing a bit. We met a few people, but it was obvious these were divine appointments. We met a 75-year-old woman who wants to visit our friends in Hamburg, NY.

The parents of one of our brothers, Yakov, who had done much work on the bus Peacemaker II, came by and were surprised to see us there. They used to come visit up in Lancaster, NH, periodically to check on the progress of the bus. It was really pleasant to see them. Also Yanathan’s parents came to see us. Some of us hadn’t seen them in years. Many times, they have shown us hospitality in the past.

We didn’t stay long because we had planned to go down through Penn Yan and Dundee to visit some very special friends of ours who live in that area. It is a colony of Mennonites where those of us who live nearby in Ithaca, do our weekly shopping. We drove through, gawking at the lovely, lush green fields and farms all throughout that place. We stopped and visited two of our friends, and showed them and their children our buses. We had marvelous conversations with them all. It was getting late and we were going to have to leave, even though there were still more families we wanted to go see. In one of the shops we frequent, our friend got a phone call. It turned out that the people I had wanted to go see had seen us there, and called and were asking whether we could please come down to their place and see them. How could we refuse?

Down the big hill the buses rolled, right up to their farm stand. It was so good talking with them, buying produce, showing them the buses. We ended up singing a song and doing a dance for them. “Od lo Ahavti Dai” which in English translates into, “We have not yet loved enough.” There they stood huddled together watching, three generations in their family enjoying our presence. It was a most tender and touching time. It is difficult to put into words just how precious these people are. We love them so much.

We left them and traveled to Watkins Glen State Park where we hiked the most beautiful gorge in the whole area. We had a cookout and had guests come see our buses. A perfect day.

More coming soon!!!

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