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Thursday, July 6
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Cape Cod, MA   — July 5th -6th

Cape Cod greeted us with its typical overcast weather. The gray skies gave Route 6 a somber feel, a reminder of winter's gloom that can reach deep into the souls of Cape dwellers. Our first step was the waterfront at Wellfleet, an "artsy" town close to Provincetown. Soon rain began to fall, a steady drizzle that would last several hours. Because of this, the merrymakers welcomed many guests aboard Peacemaker I and II. The greeting "Welcome aboard" was natural to use, as there are similarities in the care, the woodwork, and the beauty of a ship and our buses.

This was obvious to Sammy, a boat builder, who had just gotten off his boat to find our buses in the parking lot. Like many, he boarded and stayed to talk. Later on, we met a couple who lived on a 500-acre farm a five-minute walk from Oneonta, New York. They talked to us about the potential of their land, and actually, how it might help us as a community. It was an astonishing occurrence, and the second such encounter with a couple owning a large farm on this tour.

Afterwards, we moved a few hundred yards to another parking lot and people flooded the buses. Where did they even come from! Many topics, from building our bus to biodiesel fuel led to talks about our life and the hope we have.

We had left Hyannis that morning after meeting Steve, the father of Ileana, a young disciple who lives in that community. Next at Wellfleet we met, "by chance," her mother and a large group of her friends. In particular, her 92 and 93-year-old friends were so sweet! They enjoyed visiting us, as did all the many guests we hosted that day.

Finally, the sun came out and we drove to the tip of the Cape. We found a place to dance and play music at the water's edge on the very spot where the Pilgrims first landed so many years ago. After two hours, we left, determined to come back another day. We'd seen a sign on the way in about a free concert in Eastham, so we backtracked to find it. No concert! Had we imagined things?

Next stop - the flea market… but it was not one in the evening, but an old-fashioned drive-in theater. Hmmm, next stop? Ben and Jerry's parking lot! For the remainder of the evening our buses were full of people of all sorts. There something very special happened… a divine appointment. A man was driving by on Route 6 and saw our buses, turned in just before we were about to drive away, and came in. He was a very friendly man, and we quickly found out he knew Ziv, now betrothed to Heman of Benyamin, from her days in Amherst, Massachusetts, where he still lived. John was the performer at the free concert we couldn't find. Instead, he found us! He reminded us of our dear friend Aysh! It was such a good visit with him onboard Peacemaker II, more than a unique bus, a unique place, set apart, where peace rules.

It is hard to explain how it happens, but easier to say how encouraging it is to simply stop in a parking lot and watch as one person after another is drawn to us. Of course, we go out to talk to people, but many more (at least tonight) came to see these beautiful, amazing buses. And so they come in contact, even just a little bit, with our lives, walking away with something to read, an invitation to an event, and more than something to think about— a life to take hope in.

We laid down to sleep as the driver turned his attention to the road, content with the wonderful people we'd met, the invitations and Freepapers we'd handed out, and the sense that we'd been where our Father had wanted us to be this day. It was very satisfying.

More coming soon!!!

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