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Concord, NH – Wednesday, August 2, 2006

It became evident while we were in Island Pond that the buses needed to be serviced, and since Lancaster, New Hampshire, site of our bus barn, was close, we sent Peacemaker II ahead and continued to Lyndonville, Vermont. We were scheduled to go to Nashua, New Hampshire on Tuesday, but were unable to do so because of needed repairs on the buses. We left Lancaster, New Hampshire early Wednesday for Concord, New Hampshire, but it was already hot when we got there. A faithful crew of young men had arrived earlier in the morning to set up tents so we could play music and dance as soon as we arrived. Because of the blistering heat, we played music instead and talked to the many people who were wondering what these buses and all of us were doing in their town. Well, we had a lot to tell them…

It seems that wherever we go, people are not very happy with the current state of the world. A few people have some ideas of how to fix it all, but most are just wishing something would happen to make it all better. It is the perfect opportunity to share with people about the new culture that is coming to birth—not one without problems, but sharing how we are able to overcome those problems. Even the heat and resultant thunderstorms did not keep a constant stream of people from dancing and conversing with us all day long. Friends and relatives of many community members joined us throughout the day.

As the shadows became longer and the sun began to set more and more, people dropped in—many families with young children, old couples, many young and even very old. Then came a man on a bicycle. When we told him, "We are a covenant people raising our children in a healing and secure environment with parents who are in a life-long commitment to remain together through thick and thin," he responded, "You can tell the mother of my son that." You could sense pain in his heart. Elisheva talked with him a little about the fatal flaw in man, primarily selfishness. He said, "It's my fault, I have been so selfish. I'm just glad I'm only 32, and I can be different." He stayed on for quite a while and watched the dancing. We were so happy to see the sidewalk pile up with people. They just looked at our life with such interest, it touched our hearts. How much we love these people…

When a hiker was walking through, we offered him a cup of iced maté. He happily received it and stayed on until we left. He said as he watched us, "This can be a new day for me."

At one point, a young woman walked by pushing a stroller. We invited her over, but in the 100-degree heat she had made plans to jump in the pool nearby, so she promised to stop by later. Several hours later, some of us were sitting at the bus stop right near where we were set up when a bus pulled up and out she jumped with her little son. "Here I am," she said. "I made it!" She soaked in our hospitality and was thrilled to meet us.

Yonadab met a man who teaches sociology at a college here in town. He had been part of Reba Place Fellowship in Chicago. It had been a Christian community at one time, but was now just mainstream. He was quite interested and invited Yonadab to come to his class and teach about our culture!

As you can see, our day was so full. It was hot, yes; but a nice breeze cooled us all day long. We were happy. We were merry. We have so much to offer, so many to love.

Peacemaker II had a slight mechanical problem as we were preparing to leave. So, here we are waiting as Nehemiah works diligently to repair it. Tomorrow we will be in Laconia, New Hampshire at Weirs Beach. A Christian music festival is taking place, and it is our hope to meet many people in our campground and around the area tomorrow. It is sure to be interesting.

More coming soon!!!

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