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Updated: Monday, July 3, 2006

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July 4th, 2006
Plymouth, MA
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May 2nd   Tuesday     San Luis Obispo

            Our scout/friends went ahead of the caravan and were able to secure four parking spaces in bustling downtown San Luis Obispo. The buses continued to be full of interested and curious people and we met people who remembered us from last year when we visited town with the Hippie bus and Peacemaker I.  

The women covering the food are learning how to coordinate meals for 50+ people on four different buses... "is the lettuce under Peacemaker I or Peacemaker II?".... "whose refrigerator has the mayo?"....

Fortunately, we have a refrigerator truck from the Morning Star Ranch traveling with us now so we don't have to shop for groceries..... but, now we need parking for five large vehicles....

Later in the day we traveled up Pacific 1 to Santa Cruz for those of us who had never been on this scenic highway. Whew... what a view from the lofts of the Peacemakers...some of us even saw a whale! We got some great photographs of the buses winding their way along the coast.

May 3rd    Wednesday   Santa Cruz

What can you say about Santa Cruz?....its a great place to meet all kinds of people! We danced and played music at the Farmer's Market and hosted people on the buses all day. Because there was only room for three buses downtown, Peacemaker II parked along the ocean in a favorite surfing area where people walk and watch the seals, sea otters and dolphins. Although not very busy (because the weather was overcast and cool) we have some wonderful conversations.

The night life in downtown Santa Cruz is lively for sure and the buses were packed with people until we finally had to leave at 10:30 for Berkeley. We were impressed with the depth of sincerity in some people and their willingness to discuss sensitive issues about the state of society. Some asked, "Where are you going next?"... "Where will you be May -?"......

" Boulder.... Great! That's where we live. We'll see you there with all our friends."

  We continued to be amazed by the kindness of the police in the towns we have visited. Even though it would seem we could add to their traffic headaches, they all have been very helpful.

We met one young man who lives in a small intentional community in Berkeley. He kindly offered to help us find parking spaces for the caravan that night near his home. Arriving in Berkeley around midnight it took us a little while to all settle into our parking areas. We were very tired after our long day in Santa Cruz and had just gotten into bed when we were notified by the police that we could not stay and needed to move the buses. Again we were amazed at these kind, civil servants. They were concerned for our safety (as they said it was a bad neighborhood and we would probably be harassed) and gave us a police escort to a well-light, more public street with ample parking. If that was not enough, they told us they would "keep an eye on us" during the rest of the night to make sure we were safe.

May 4th     Thursday    Berkeley

We played music and danced on Bancroft Street - UC Berkeley. As we found last year on tour, the further north we go the more bus stories we hear from people. Everybody loves a beautiful or unique bus (or two, or three, or four...).   We are thankful to be meeting many kind people..

Berkeley tonight...San Francisco Friday and Saturday..... until then..

Merrymakers\' Caravan

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