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Erie, PA
Saturday, August 19, 2006

Our demonstration today was a true picture of our life at home which includes many large families with lots of little children. There were about 25 here today between the ages of 2 months and 13 years old.

That was a lot to contain as the first part of the day it poured rain from the time we pulled into a parking lot across the street from a fair that they call Erie Days. At last, the sun broke out and we were able to play a little music and dance. What a sight with folks of so many sizes in our circle.

Things finally started happening in Erie, PA

A gentle and hurting man spent time pouring his heart out to Nehemiah. He was amazed that we could live this way, seeing all the parents and children together. Through it all he saw a hope that made him want to continue his relationship with us.

A very young man loved our life and wanted to come home with us. But he and we totally respected his mother’s dissent, and we hope to see him sometime in the future.

Our brother Natsar visited his parents from Erie, and they brought their pastor with them. He was delighted with what we were doing, and expressed his dissatisfaction with Christianity and the churches today, saying that they are not bearing the fruit that God intended for them. He gladly took our papers.

His friends on the opposite end of the spectrum are slowly beginning to hear the truth of what our life is really like after only having preconceived notions. It is dawning on them that we are nothing more than a people who love one another and want to serve God with all our hearts and nothing less.

Merrymakers' Personalities

Merrymakers' Personalities

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