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Greenfield, MA and Keene, NH – July 25, 2006

Greenfield, Massachusetts

We woke to a delicious breakfast of French toast and maple syrup, scrambled eggs and cheese, of course accompanied by maté and topped off by the orange juice our wonderful hostess, Adrian’s mother, provided for us. We had thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from her hospitality in Holyoke, MA, and looked forward to a new day on the Caravan. Long days that stretch into the night leave us all weary at times, and such refreshing times with friends are just what we need. Thank you so much, Linda!

A man walked up when our musicians were first setting up, and asked whether he had to pay to listen. When we assured him, no, it was totally free, he sat and enjoyed our company the entire time, about three hours. Who knows the effect of their life on others? How can we know the future consequences of our Merrymakers' Caravan stopping here and there as we drive down the highways of America? What friends are we making, and what impressions are we leaving? All we can do is be sensitive to the leading of the Spirit in our hearts and press on, listening to the burdens of our brothers and sisters.

In Greenfield we met several men who immediately told us of the Renaissance community that once thrived there, with a remnant still together in a small, nearby town. One of those men had met us ten years before, just down the street, in a grocery store parking lot. We had broken down and were waiting for a part to fix Peacemaker I. Peacemaker I and the Garden bus had been traveling together then, just as today!

He still had the Freepaper he had received then, and remembered talking to a kindly older man he assumed to be about sixty because of his silver gray hair. He lit up when I asked him whether it was Qatan. I was able to turn and point to his daughter, Besorah, among the dancers. He still fondly remembered his hour-long conversation with Qatan, and had a nice talk with David Yair (our stalwart brother from Island Pond) and me.

A young woman asked us whether we had been in the Plymouth July 4 parade. Of course, we had been, and she and her mother boarded the bus and spoke with Chavivah, as the woman and her sister had both met her at our Common Sense Store there. They get down there fairly often, and Chavivah told them of our plans to open a bakery and a café in the coming year.

A man who had met us in Northampton the night before, and had spent time on the Garden bus, showed up as we were leaving. He was looking for us with a friend. We were so thankful we were still there. About the same time, a man came onboard Peacemaker I and offered us his place if we needed showers. We have met kindness throughout our journeys this year. It encourages us so much.

We loaded up our buses and headed north on I-91, receiving the compliment, as we often do, of people cheerfully honking their horns at the Caravan as they pass us. We turned east on Route 9 in Brattleboro, Vermont, and crossed into New Hampshire over the Connecticut River. The lovely, tree-filled landscape rolled by us. Traveling with friends is better by far than the most beautiful scenery in the world alone!

Keene, New Hampshire

Our two buses arrived in Keene to find Peacemaker II all set up at the intersection of Railroad and Keene Street. David Yair arrived shortly afterwards with a man from Greenfield who wanted to see our Caravan in Keene. We ate a very late lunch our friends had prepared for us, throughout which many of us spoke to the curious passersby who noticed the startling sight of three large buses of such conspicuous character on Railroad Street.

Later, we went to the Civil War Memorial Park just north of where we were and set up our music near the gazebo in the Park and danced. We talked with the people who saw and heard us and crossed the street to get a better view. One woman, a skillful dancer, joined us for several dances she didn’t know but immediately picked up. We invited her, as we did many today, to the wonderful festival the Basin Farm and the other Communities in Vermont are putting on Wednesday, July 26, 2006 in Brattleboro on the Commons.

We came “home” to the beautiful Basin Farm in the southern Vermont village of Bellows Falls, thankful and happy for another day of meeting people, being friends, and bringing a witness of our life together to our neighbors right around us. Stosh, a Polish man, came to visit us, and another friend named David has been helping prepare for the festival for days making bread and pizza. It is so exciting!

More coming soon!!!

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