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Plymouth, NH, Lancaster, NH, Great Barrington, MA – Friday through Sunday, August 4-6, 2006

After our time in Laconia, we spent another night at the campground in that city. When we pulled in, we were greeted by many excited campers. The word was out quickly of our presence, and soon we made more new friends. Three young men showed up late and after conversation, spent the night with us. The next morning, the sky was clear after some rain. It was time to be off to Plymouth, NH, yet we decided to set up and dance for a while first. Campers of all ages flocked around us, some joining in with the dancing. Our hearts were quite happy as we saw the smiles on their faces. We appreciated so much the older couple that owned the place. They were touched by our merry hearts and responded with warmth and friendship. (By the way, they have another place in Florida!) After several dances, we packed up and went on our way.

As we arrived in Plymouth, we found a whole line of parking places where we lined up our buses all in a row. Within a very few minutes, the musicians were playing by the gazebo. Many passersby stopped in along their way. One young man came on Peacemaker II and couldn’t stop commenting on the skilled craftsmanship, which he himself was familiar with. “Wow,” was his frequent choice of word. “This is amazing…” “Did you do this???” Well, he stayed the whole time we were in Plymouth, talking more with Nehemiah. It seemed hard for him to leave. We invited him to the Lancaster festival and eagerly hoped he would come. After just a bit, we headed out of town for Lancaster, NH—a beautiful trip with a panoramic view of the majestic White Mountains.

After we heartily participated in the evening celebration with the Community in Lancaster, and enjoyed a beautiful candlelit supper, we found much needed rest. The next day, we hurried to begin extensive setup on Main Street right next to the library. The skies were clear and beautiful once again, and the day progressed as many old and new friends filled the green. Such a happy atmosphere had descended upon this special town where we have found so many good-hearted people over the years. For those of us who lived there many years ago, we found some of our old and dear friends. Our friend, the young man in Plymouth, did indeed show up and ask Bynah, “Why are you SO HAPPY?” Just as he had marveled over the buses, he marveled over us as he saw such a good demonstration of our sweet life together. After much dancing and music, good talks and seminars, we invited our visitors and friends to join us for a bonfire down by the Thompson Mill Building. This fire was great in size and an interesting sight under a large gibbous moon, its sparks flying upward into a very cool night. Once again, our love songs and dance filled the air, our faces glowing from the bright fire.

The next morning, after a wholesome breakfast, we said our farewells and headed southwest for Great Barrington, MA. It was just as we expected when we arrived later in the afternoon: We parked right in front of the Town Hall, where streams of people were walking by.

After asking for some literature, an older couple from Monterey commented, “I noticed how you greet one another. It is nice the way you tap each other on the back. It is so reassuring.” He went on to say, “I also noticed how you help one another. One man said, ‘Can you get the bucket of tea?’ and the other man just quickly went and got it!” This couple, like many others we have met along the way, were comforted to see people like us who cared deeply about other human beings. We, in turn, were touched by their lives.

Another interesting contact was a young man Sholom had invited the day before to come and join us. As the day turned out, he wasn’t able to make it because of his job. Well, lo and behold, during his work hours as he was delivering pizza to a home for troubled youth, one of them jumped in his car and drove off with it. As he waited for help, he ran into us and soon happily commented he was glad his car had been stolen, otherwise he never would have met up with us! We met so many others. Some were very needy and lost, but we planted seeds in their hearts—more seeds of hope and encouragement.

Very noteworthy to us was the visit of our special friends Randy & Helen from upstate New York. Randy spent many years selflessly helping and teaching us about mold making which was instrumental in building the Peacemaker buses. We are indebted to this very precious couple.

The next morning at a campground nearby, some of us woke up to a schoolbus full of children who were looking on in awe at our sleepy buses. We gave their teachers a few papers. Next we will be going to New Paltz, NY.


More coming soon!!!

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