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Festival in Hyannis, MA   — July 9th

While the day was warm, the heat was moderated by the nearby water of the JFK Beaches. People from town, the Vineyard, and further away flowed in and out of the Hy-annis Village Green all day during setup, the Festival, and our prolonged closing, as we danced and sang until darkness fell. As you can see from the pictures, the park was lovely, the trees majestic, the lawns well-kept, and the people friendly! Such a wonderful atmosphere.

As you walked in from Main Street, the first table that greeted you was staffed mainly by Omed and his wife Abigail (and their baby) with a complete selection of our recent literature. Straight ahead of them was a beautifully decorated booth with panels of photos and text telling the story of our communities in brief. You were hosted there by Beniah and Hannah. Between them, and on the same side of the path as the display booth, was the children's art tent, where very beautiful stenciled cards could be made under the expert direction of different teachers trained in Sabra's techniques and carrying on her lovely, warm, kind spirit. It was full all day long with parents and children walking away with little works of art they had made themselves.

On Martha's Vineyard the day before, someone came back to his jeep to find a neatly wrapped paper tied with twine, a "Fatal Flaw" Freepaper. Inside it was an invitation to the Festival. He walked up to the bus and when Chavivah asked him why he was here, he said, "Because I read the paper." His name was Steve and he grew up in Bolton, MA, where Malachi did. They ended up knowing the same people, the same families, and they talked for several hours. It was very encouraging.

The first two seminars were well-announced from the microphone at the main tent, but a curious process took place at the first one. Over the first ten or fifteen minutes, the number attending doubled and then doubled again until all the chairs were full. Similar, but not so dramatic increases, were seen at the second seminar, as we spoke of the Three Eternal Destinies of Man and the Fatal Flaw, respectively. The second, particularly, was a very clear exposition of the terrible problems facing mankind today and their roots in the heart of every man. Lastly, it was decided to hold the third and final seminar, "Our Story," at the main tent, and Miriam gave a well-received spiritual history of our people. We were thankful for all those who came and the mutual benefit we had being together.

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