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Island Pond and Lyndonville, VT – Monday, July 31, 2006

Our caravan was a beautiful sight as we traveled among these old hills of Vermont along the winding roads bound for Island Pond. We found our family and friends on the green by the gazebo right across the street from where our memorable Common Sense restaurant once stood. Well, life has flourished here these last several years, and it was good to see all those familiar faces. Our music and dance filled the air along with the laughter of our children. Time went quickly, and soon we heard the call, “Get on the bus! We’re heading out!” This time to Lyndonville, VT, so back on RT 114 we went. Any weariness we might have felt was driven away as we anticipated meeting up with old friends and finding new ones. Indeed that is just what happened. A couple from Marshfield, MA drove up to our spot to see what was going on. They soon discovered they had met us a few times before. They recognized Tikvah from the shoe shop where they had bought some shoes, and also realized we were the same people whom they had met at the Common Sense Market in Plymouth, MA.

Another couple with seven children and one on the way also stopped in. Lebanah had met them a while back at Whites Market. We were such a peaceful and happy group of people as we enjoyed so much each other’s company. Our guests seemed refreshed by our life.
We returned to Island Pond that night with plans to go to Lancaster, NH the next day where we would stop for some maintenance for our little fleet of buses.

Miriam-our oldest and dearest member

More coming soon!!!

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