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Laconia, NH – Thursday, August 3, 2006

The crew on Peacemaker II spent a peaceful night at the capitol in Concord, NH. It was a bit sleepless for Nehemiah the driver and others who spent a good bit of it under the bus. It is quite different and much more challenging to do repairs on the road than it is in the garage in Lancaster, New Hampshire where Peacemaker II was built. Alas, a broken air line. They were left behind as the other buses went on to a campground in Laconia for the night. After a couple of auto part stores delivered some parts to Nehemiah and crew in the morning, we finished repairs and were all reunited at Weirs Beach in Laconia, a favorite vacation spot. Just as Roi was gathering up his quarters for the parking meters, he noticed the meter maid heading for the buses. "Just a minute, I have the quarters right here." She answered with, "That's OK. You don't have to worry about that today! These buses are awesome. You don't have to pay!" "Why are you here?" she went on to ask. We told her we were there to bring hope and encouragement.

When another woman saw the Hippie bus, she asked, "Did you get this bus from Ken Kesey? I read 'The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test!'" We went on to explain to her our hearts to reach out to those of the Hippie and Jesus Movements of the 60s. We saw that the bus was a good tool to draw attention to the fact that the Movement of the 60s never got off the ground. The ideals were all there, but it takes more than ideals to get people to empty the trash and do the dishes. Real community will never survive on ideals alone. We are looking for those who still have a flicker of hope, those longing to believe that people can love one another and that every community experience doesn't have to end in failure. We met and talked with many other people throughout the day.

As evening approached, we decided to go back to the campground, eat together, and create an atmosphere that would welcome those camping to come and join us as we danced and played music. A Christian music festival was being held not far away, and many of the campers were attending. It was a wise choice—many people told us that they wanted to talk and find out more about us, and that their friends would be there in the morning. So, we will stay at the campground for a while before continuing our journey.


More coming soon!!!

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