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Niagara Falls – Friday, August 18, 2006

It was early in the morning when we pulled into the parking places our friends had reserved for us. They had come up from our community in Hamburg, NY.

People travel to this “romantic” setting from all over the world to see this amazing display of nature. It never stops running, millions of gallons of water every second, for thousands of years. Could it speak of something else yet unseen? Some hidden Source that is always giving, always watering, always shining and that never holds back from loving? An invisible Creator who takes delight in the most spectacular handiworks?

And what is man in all of this? How people marvel at the wonders of creation, and how they can so easily overlook the one who was created to care for it all, the highest of His thoughts and wonders, none other than… man.

It is in this hope that we press on to find those searching for a way to have their humanity restored.

One such man approached Yonah as we were contemplating leaving the scene.
“Who are you all and what are you doing here?”
Yonah responded, “We’re people who have walked away from everything to learn what it is to love each other and lay down our lives for our friends.”
And he said, “How do I join?”
“You just have to give up everything.”
He held out his bag and said, “Here it is, this is all I got.”
Yonah asked him what he was looking for. He said, “I want to know why I am alive.”
“So,” Yonah responded, “you need a purpose? Let’s go talk about it.”
He replied, “Exactly.”
He had just sold his car and left his house because he wanted a new life. But he got rejected at the Canadian border. Yonah told him it wasn’t a coincidence that he needed a new life and ran into us. "That is what we are all about."
Sadly, he just wanted to get out of the state, but he knew wherever he went it was going to be the same. Yonah told him if he desired to be delivered from the fatal flaw that separates people, he could take our paper and come to any of our places anytime.

More coming soon!!!

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