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Millbrook, New Paltz, and Nyack, NY – Monday through Tuesday, August 7–8, 2006

Pulling into Millbrook, NY brought wide smiles to many faces and broad waves to many arms. This town had not seen many buses like this since "the good ole days" when Timothy Leary and Richard Alpert had made it famous with their lively experimentation in the ’60s.

The lunch hour brought many people out on the street for our quick and lively visit. We had three generations (some in one family) of musicians playing in front of a friendly café that had welcomed us. Many boarded our buses from police to electricians working on the town works, to local businessmen and newspaper reporters, to every passerby who was pleasantly surprised by our presence. Our Hippicrit freepaper was a big hit here.

Sadly we packed up and tore ourselves away as we had a previous engagement in New Paltz, NY. Thank you, Millbrook, for your warm hospitality. We hope to see you again!

In a short time we headed out for New Paltz where we quickly found parking spaces on a side street. A woman came on the bus and told us about Peace Park, the only green they have in town.

As we have seen throughout the tour, evening seems to be the favorite time to drop by. Thus we had more and more conversations and met such wonderful people. A police officer came onboard and was intrigued by our buses. He left and later returned with a list of campsites for us to look into. He was so helpful.

Dynah spoke with a woman born in Peru. A friend of hers, after meeting us, had called her and told her to come right away and see what he had found! She was obviously drawn to our warmth and friendship, enjoying so much our company. She stayed with us the rest of our time at the park and plans to come to Ithaca with her two teenage children. It was clear to us that she longs for so much more than what she has found in Christianity, like so many others we have met.

From the hill above the green our buses were a beautiful sight against a backdrop of a stunning sunset.

Once again, it was time to pack up and find a place to settle down for the night. We found the nicest one, a KOA and with it such caring hearts in a special couple. They were brimming with hospitality and eager hearts to have us "perform" right in their campground in the morning. We ran into both of them early in the morning. She was ready with camera under her arm and a happy smile on her face. She asked, "What time do you think you’ll be ready to perform?" When the time came, they looked on so pleased and very thankful for the life we showed to them. She expressed how thankful she was to see such love and encouragement. We said farewell and headed south for Nyack, NY, arriving a few hours later where we parked our buses all together. We played music and danced as many conversations were sparked.

One woman questioned us sternly about how we viewed women and their function in our group. "Is there equality? Why do you call God a He?" We patiently tried to help her understand the deep love of our Abba for mankind who carefully created them in His image, man AND woman! She was raised in a Catholic community which began in 1950. It didn’t last, she explained. However, they did celebrate their 50th anniversary. We sat and talked for a while, but she never seemed to take hope in what I shared with her. One thing she said was, "It hasn’t always been men who run things. It used to be women, and honestly things went a lot better when they did!" We tried to communicate with her our Abba’s design, how men and women are meant to complement each other—not that one is greater, but together as a unit they represent the heart of God.

After a short while, we had to move the buses and were happy to find a very nice waterfront location on the Hudson River. The later it got the more people gathered around our buses. We met a wonderful young woman from Chestnut Ridge, a groping mother of twins. She is going through a painful divorce and was very receptive as we spoke of the forgiveness of our Master, the only hope there is of reconciliation. After recognizing her farmer’s heart, we gave her some information on our Basin Farm where she hoped to eventually reconnect with us.

Another woman came by and after a brief talk with us, went to find her husband. They both returned. She enjoyed dancing with us as we continued to talk with her husband. They were both Christians, married for 28 years. She easily poured out her heart to us of her longings to truly do God’s will. She wants to stay in contact with us and learn more about us.

A Ukrainian couple who have been studying in seminary school, were fascinated by our life. Their English was limited, but it did not hinder them from being impressed by what they saw. They hope to make it to the Cambridge Festival, or perhaps see us again in Niagara Falls. Another couple stopped by who have been visiting in the New York region for the last six weeks. They are clearly dissatisfied with the churches, and are considering following the One we follow, our Master Yahshua. [For an explanation of this name, click here.]

Not long before we left, a brilliantly beautiful full moon sent its rays reflecting across the river. It felt good to know that we, His people, were connected to the One who holds the moon in its place and that because of His love for us, we were able to deeply care for all these lost souls.

We found a place to park for a few hours and then left very early for New York City.

We have been well received in New York. People seem to be enjoying our being here.

More coming soon!!!

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