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Oneonta, NY – Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Oneonta is a small city nestled in the Catskill Mountains with quaint and well-kept, old buildings where we have a household and a building for a café and another large building right downtown.

We set up shop in Neahwa Park just on the edge of town. We played music, danced, and had a picnic there in the breezy shade of nice, tall trees. There were different families in the park with lots of small children that came by as well as people we have known and a few parents of people in our community. It was good showing the many aspects of the buses to so many young children who enjoyed cookies and tea as well.

A truck driver who delivers to many of our cafés found us there off the beaten path and was so happy to see us, as we, him.

Later on, we set up the buses in a circle and danced in the parking lot of our building downtown, and a lot of precious, curious people kept coming on the buses. One man asked Andrew Peter, “Is reading this pamphlet going to give me any hope? And if not, can you tell me what will? I just want to end the pain. When you leave, can you just run over me a few times with this bus? I just want to end the pain.” Andrew told him of the life of hope we have which caused him to receive hope. He left giving Andrew a big hug showing that he had received some of that hope.

More coming soon!!!

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