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Thursday, July 6
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Plymouth, MA   — July 4th

July 3 found us in Hartford, Connecticut at a concert. Those of us at home (in Plymouth, the next stop) watched the beehive of the Plymouth – Boston – Hyannis region at work at 35 Warren Avenue, the site of the upcoming two-day festival, July 15-16, 2006. Everywhere you looked, you saw purposeful, diligent men and women landscaping, painting, building the float we would use in the parade the next day (and other projects) as well as the usual cooking, cleaning, and caring for children that make our life what it is.

We hurried away from our gathering the morning of the 4th to get ready for the parade, doing something many of us had never done before – taking part in a parade! We danced and walked, and ran sometimes, to keep up with the musicians for the two-and-one-half mile parade route through America’s hometown in front of an estimated (by the police) 200,000 appreciative parade viewers. What a sight it was! Many people complimented us on our music, dancing (quite different to put a forward motion in dances that have none!) as well as our outstanding, unique, and conspicuous buses. The young women led the way, gracefully altering the steps for a moving parade!

Others walked alongside of us handing out invitations to our upcoming two-day festival, which includes the wedding of  Lev Anav and Yahannah, two beautiful young disciples. How little do people realize what they are receiving when they get a pamphlet from us. Afterwards we were able to park our buses down on the waterside, a few yards from Plymouth Rock, symbolic of the landing of the Pilgrims many years ago.

There, Michael walked up to spend time with us, a man who first met us at the Lancaster County Fair three years ago, speaking with Kepha Masse, and receiving Freepapers he placed in his computer bag. There they sat until February of this year! When he brought them out and started reading them, he soon began visiting the community in Hyannis, becoming friends and impressing us with his zeal. He is wrapping his affairs up and planning on moving in soon. Michael would be such a wonderful reward for all the poured out lives that made our cafés possible at the Fair.

Plymouth Rock is an historic site people come to as if on pilgrimage, trying to understand what happened all those years ago, and what it all meant. They really find little understanding in the whole town of Plymouth, even at the world-famous Plymouth Plantation – where the entire Plymouth village has been faithfully recreated – for their essence as separatists almost no one understands or considers anymore. That is why we were so happy to pass out “The Pilgrim Separatists.” On its cover is the moving portrait of the survivors of their terrible first winter of 1620-21 standing on the shore watching the Mayflower depart to England. Not one of them boarded her, severing, for all they knew, their last connection with the world. Instead, they bravely embarked on a new life fraught with perils, with little certainty of anything except more suffering and great labor. But they had a hope burning brighter in their hearts than the suffering they had known or feared.

Waving farewell to the Mayflower, the Pilgrims cut their last tie to the motherland, giving up the comforts of civilization in hope of fulfilling their vision: the freedom to live and to worship God according to their conscience. Though the winter was harsh and half of their company died, they refused to give up. What character those brave souls had! Who today is worthy to carry on that heritage?

We admire and appreciate those men and women, and we know there are many still that have that hope in their hearts, of finding a place where they can worship God freely and raise their children away from the defilements of the world. It was in the hopes of finding them that we handed out our literature.

We looked ahead to spending Wednesday, July 5 on Cape Cod, at Provincetown, and Thursday, July 6, in Taunton, Ma, July 7 on Martha’s Vineyard, Woods Hole and Falmouth, Cape Cod… See you there!



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