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Portland, ME – July 22

The farmers need the rain!

Post Office Square, Portland, ME, July 22, 2006

When I was growing up, if I ever complained about a rainy day, my parents always told me, “Be thankful for the rain. The farmers need the rain to grow our food.” In just a small way they gave me a connection to the larger world outside of my childish, self-centered existence. It’s a lesson many never do seem to learn. But giving thanks for the rain in Portland was certainly something we had vision for, because the last time it rained on the Caravan, in Boston’s Copley Square, we met two wonderful people who have since then come to see the life in our communities that sent out the Merrymakers. And it rained pretty much all day![*]

We had several remarkable meetings in the cozy, well-landscaped setting of Portland’s Post Office Square. Kesher and Andrew Peter met old friends, the first by chance and the second as a result of zealous search for his phone number.


When Kesher came to the Community nine years ago, a friend of his came with him. She left a few weeks later on good terms and happened to be walking by Post Office Square when Kesher and his wife Sarah were there. She visited us on the bus and spent time at the Open Forum, sharing her thoughts with us. Kesher was thankful for his friends on the Caravan who could talk with her, too. Our Caravan is a picture of our life at home where, as we say, “It takes a community.”

Andrew Peter had a real desire to meet up with his high school friend from Portland and tried and tried to find his number via the Internet, etc. Finally, he made contact with him, and he came to see us at the Square, too. They had known each other since their first year in high school. He, too, spent a lot of the afternoon with us, talking, observing, and considering what he saw among us and at the Open Forum.

Eventually, we arrived in a beautiful campground outside of Freeport, Maine, and spent a quiet night onboard while the rain continued to water the earth. We woke up to the deep green of the farm the campground was on, thankful for the natural order we live in, thankful for the Creator of all.

[*]And the same thing happened today, with a man returning to see the life in the Community in Boston, genuinely interested in a place where covenants and commitments are real and lasting. He lit up when he heard that is how we take the covenant of marriage, for instance, and just wanted to know more and more.

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