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On Rt. 20 crossing New York State – Thursday, August 17, 2006

Parade through Bouckville

Up and down through hill and dale the merry caravan traveled along through the lush, green countryside of beautiful New York state. Pretty, little towns came and went till suddenly, what’s this? The highway was lined with tents way off in each direction full of antiques and many, many people smiling, waving, cheering, and hooting at us as our colorful parade made its way through the thick traffic. It was an antique show in the town of Bouckville, NY. A mile or two down the road we finally came to the end of it, having found no place to park, and got together a little plan.

We put our caravan banners on the sides of our buses, and saddled up the rear of the Garden Bus with musicians including upright bass, fiddle, banjo, guitar, trombone, and on the top of the ladder was Roi on his accordion. Back through we drove, as slow as we could get away with people walking alongside, meeting people and giving out invitations and some freepapers.

So many people were delighted at the interlude, even those behind us in traffic. We pulled over at one point, and lots of folks came on the buses. Brief and engaging encounters occurred with birds of every feather out there on that hot and breezy day. Our unabashed sister Dynah walked by a woman who was dancing in her spot, and locked arms with her, swinging her around and back again. They did a little reel up and down the road as all broke into laughter. There is something so free where there is love and care for people.

We drove on after a while and stopped in Skaneateles and swam in the cleanest, clearest water, and hosted more nice folks we met, and headed for trails west where we would end up the next day in… Niagara Falls.

More coming soon!!!

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