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Tuesday, July 18th
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Salem, MA – July 17th

Leaving Plymouth on Route 3 North and turning onto 44, Nehemiah noticed the beautiful sight in his rear view mirror – two buses instead of one. The East Coast Tour is on the road again! We drove safely through Boston and its Big Dig, heading north on Route 1 and east on 128 to end up in Salem.


A man walked up to us as we stopped, considering whether to stay at the Salem Commons, and he told us he had found a slip of paper with the web site address www.twelvetribes.com on it as he was just cleaning out the glove compartment of his car. We asked him whether it was a coincidence and he said it was prophetic! We were so encouraged! Another friend of our dear brother Zakariah of Coxsackie who knew him, as I did, from MIT, met us there at the park. When we told him we were going to be going down to the waterfront, he said he would walk there and meet us. We were very thankful to meet him, as Zakariah had been asking where the Caravan was going and when he heard Salem, he excitedly told his friend.



A brief drive there caught many people’s eyes, as we found out for the rest of the day. The three buses of the Caravan are a majestic and intriguing sight! We parked in front of the Salem Maritime National Historic Site and had very friendly talks with the guests and the staff. We met the attendant who works on the ship, “Friendship of Salem” and he showed us his ship and his shop, which we were very interested in since we will soon be sailing (not just motoring) the Peacemaker Marine 1, the Avany, a three-masted ship like the Friendship. He loves his work and enjoyed telling us about ropes, knives, and ship training.

Our faithful musicians played for hours this day, as always, both Israeli dance music and Irish and other folk music. The sun was very hot at the Salem waterfront, and although it was a quiet Monday afternoon, we met many people. One of them was a young man who is an architectural assistant from Salem. He was chatting with two architectural assistants we have in the Community who came from Maine originally. He spent his lunch hour with us and then wished us well and was on his way again.

Around 4:30h, we moved to The Willows, a pleasant waterfront park in Salem where, surprisingly, the local authorities said we could stay for the night! Again and again, we have met helpful officials and police officers. We are very thankful for such men!

Willow Park


Many people from all walks of life stopped in to say hello, even well into the night. Next stop tomorrow: Rockport, MA.


More coming soon!!!

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