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Tuesday, July 12th
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Wedding in Plymouth, MA

Scituate and Nantasket Beach, MA  — July 13th

Tell Them I Have Prepared a Feast,
    There's so Much I Want Them to See
        Invite All My People to Share in My Joy
            What a Wonderful Day It Will Be!

As Paul Gregoire's song says about the servants sent out to invite others to the wedding feast, one bus went out today with invitations to the wedding and festival in Plymouth, July 15 and 16, 2006. The first stop was North Street, where Malachi went into the old print shop to gather materials for our day. While we were waiting, several men came up to see our bus. The first man knew us since we had built his sister's house. The next man was a former city official who has known us for years.

Our slow transit through the streets of Plymouth produced what it always produces — many curious, amazed stares. Peacemaker I is quite a sight. Older sister is still beautiful at age 18! On the road, Roi's wife Rachel, who loves and reaches out to people, called the mother of the young man Shem met at the Kennedy Plaza in Providence. She turned out to be a warm, caring woman who is concerned about her son, "because he looks out for others all the time and doesn't take care of himself." It helped me see what attracted Shem to him and why he was attracted to us.

We met Dennis at the Wampatuk State Park who once was a diesel mechanic and was now so very interested in the bus. He's a landscaper and wants to bring his father and his son to the festival this weekend. In Scituate we met a relative of John Imperial, a gracious older lady who spent some time with us. Omed gave papers and invitations at the same time to some "carnies" — employees of the carnival in the parking lot on the seafront.

Later on, we drove to Nantasket Beach, once the playground of the rich and famous, now the hangout of the youth and the poor. One man named Bob told us stories of his life and enjoyed his time with us. Another woman named Cara saw us as she was driving, and pulled over in front of us. When we stopped behind her, she called out, "The Merrymakers! I saw you on Martha's Vineyard."

More coming soon!!!

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