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Stone Ridge, NY – Monday, August 14, 2006

Traveling up Route 209 along the edge of the beautiful Catskill Mountains brought us through the township of Marbletown. We passed through High Falls and Rosendale, two tiny alternative towns that had sparked an interest in some of us over the years. Sadly, the streets were empty there.

Peacemakers explore Rosendale

Later, we stopped in Stone Ridge in the parking lot of a local market. Our buses instantly filled up with curious passers-by. Some who didn't have time to come on the buses requested our literature as they slowly drove by.

Probably the first ten people who came by lived in Rosendale. So that is where everyone was. I guess the streets in that little town don’t fill up until evening.

We compelled some precious people we met to follow us to our café in Oak Hill for “Music Night.” They came with us, and we had the nicest time with them over dinner. Later on, even more of them showed up.

Music Night really was great with local musicians entering into our session on tuba, fiddle, and harmonica. The place was packed, warm, and cheery. Our buses in the parking lot hosted many in the area who were delighted to see these odd creatures paying a visit to their Greene County hamlet.

More coming soon!!!

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